Product Information

PVC, PET, ESD Line Tap

PVC, PET, ESD Line Tap


*Use to divide the area on workplace floor with various colors.

*Use to mark static control area and divide the aisle with anti-static function

*Factory floor, line working, products label, marking safety area

*Log roll size 970mm*3m /1,000mm*33m *PE core


ESD Aluminum-metalized PET Tape

*Aluminum-metallized PET film with acrylic adhesive coating, mainly used for packing, adhesive, shielding bag in electronic, semiconductor process

*Log roll size :600mm*50m *PE coreNon Woven Sticky Roller


Polyimide Tape

*Superior heat resistance and no residue after peeling off

*Ideal for protecting the specific area to mask to PCB  in wave soldering process and painting process of the sensitive product for static

*Heat resistance :200c /30min *PE core