Product Information

Hand cleaner roller

Hand Cleaner Roller

Color : red, blue , green

Material: macromolecular polymer, silicon


Adhesive power : High

Dust-free product

Main component: High molecular polymer

No generation of organic contaminants from the roller


Electrification prevention function is applied on the roll and the frame


Clean the surface of the product with the manual cleaner. The

particles from the surface of the product  will be transferred to

the manual cleaner.

The contaminated surface of the manual  cleaner

can be cleaned by  the cleaning pad or washable cleaning pad.

when the surface of the manual cleaner is extremely contaminated, wet the cloth with proper cleaning solution

and then clean the manual cleaner with it

Let  the manual cleaner in the air to dry out completely,

before cleaning the manual cleaner  with cleaning solution clean it using the cleaning pad or washable cleaning pad.